From Failure To Success with Cryptocurrency Investing

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In this post I will talk about an important topic: learning from failure and turning it into success. In the past, you failed to make correct decisions in internet money and you missed out on big returns, or lost all your money.

Here is how you can turn this failure into success:

1. Don’t have regrets – stop thinking about the past. It can be emotionally difficult to think about returns you’ve missed out on, or money you’ve lost. Some of you are still facing the consequences of your poor decisions, today. It can be hard, I get it. But there is no benefit in thinking about the past. At the time, you were doing the best you could with your limited knowledge, and someone took advantage of you. We’ve all experienced that at some point. But you need to stop thinking about it and wasting your brainjuice on it. Don’t feel bad. After learning your lesson, you’re much smarter now than you were in the past.

2. Check yourself. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You seriously need to check your current thoughts and emotions, to make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes from the past. If you don’t check yourself, you might wreck yourself again. Please don’t think that you will outsmart other people this time, and please recognize that internet money is a psychological game – whatever decision you plan on making right now may be leading you into a psychological trap. If you haven’t seen my emails about psychological traps, check your inbox after reading this post.

3. Recognize that your decisions caused you to fail. You didn’t fail because you are destined to be poor. You didn’t fail because you are stuck in a life of endless poverty and it’s impossible to get out. You failed because you made bad decisions, along with millions of other people. Take responsibility for your bad decisions and recognize that if you made the right decisions, you would already be significantly wealthier.

4. Don’t listen to naysayers. You lost your money or missed out on returns, and now your family and friends are saying :”We told you so, we knew it was a scam from the start!” – the reality is, if you’ve been looking at internet money, you are the one who is correct… Internet money is one of the highest potential industries to be looking at. If you failed and lost your money, you just made the wrong decisions last time, that’s all. If you make the correct decisions this time, you will have a serious chance of making life-changing money. Reminder: This is not investment advice, just our personal opinion.

5. Pay attention. We like to say, “just show up”. Showing up and paying attention is one of the most important things for success. But you need to pay attention to the correct things and surround yourself with smart people.

6. Don’t give up – you’re still early. Just because you failed last time, there is no reason to give up. It’s still early… If you buy internet money before 25 countries have officially bought = you’re early. If you buy after = you’re late. Reminder: This is not investment advice, just our personal opinion.

7. If internet money is a psychological game, how do you win? You win by joining a group that already knows a million times more than you do. Exploring a complex ecosystem like internet money on your own, is completely insane. A lot of people don’t know this though… Very few people will tell you, because they don’t want you to know. If everybody knew, scammers and professional traders would not make any money.

8. Join an intelligent group. Experienced people in the crypto space knew the recent price rally was coming. They don’t focus on short-term price movements, but I’m giving you an example – who doesn’t like an easy 8x? Experienced people in the crypto believe the price of a few internet money projects will reach astronomical heights over the coming years – a potential 100x from current prices. If you want to learn which projects we’re investing in, and how they like to invest, find OGs of the crypto space and follow them. They have been hunting for bizarrely high returns for a decade, focusing their research on the only things that matter – adoption, network effects, and data. Their goal is to find the ultimate treasure – a 1000x return.

9. Stop “saving” your money. Remember – the difference between failure and success is in the decisions you make. If you’re planning to save your money instead of joining our group, you’re making the wrong decision. Everyday I get people writing to me, telling me how much they regret not joining our group earlier. Joining us is a no-brainer, especially now that you can purchase a permanent lifetime membership – you will be able to know everything we know, for life. In other words, you will be able to know everything we know in year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4 etc… It doesn’t get better than that. But some people will still hesitate. I genuinely try to help people as much as I can, but there are just some things I cannot share for free. If you wish to change your life, you have to pay the price. Every single crypto OG, including me, have paid the price. Saving money will not change your life. You can always make more money, but life-changing opportunities only appear a few times in life.

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We created Cryptonote algorithm that has been used in creation of Monero.

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