Why I Earn Bitcoins Instead of Buying Them

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of free speech, even abhorrent free speech. But there isn’t an abundance of bitcoin. How do you have privacy if it is really difficult to get bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, without fiat money?

I don’t usually get bitcoins with money. I work for them. I earn bitcoin through the expenditure of my labor. I don’t buy, I earn bitcoins.

There is a fundamental philosophical difference when you begin earning bitcoin, or any currency in the new digital domain, compared to when you buy it.

When you buy it, it is more of an investment. When you earn it, it is the fruits of your labor.

When I buy bitcoin, I am simply adding my economic activity to Bitcoin.

When I sell my labor for bitcoin, I am doing two things: I am not only adding my productivity to Bitcoin,

I am also removing it from the U.S. dollar and from the traditional sphere of economics. That is a powerful act.

I encourage you all: don’t buy bitcoin, earn it.

Whatever you do, do it for bitcoin.

You cut hair? Cut hair for a bitcoin. You drive a taxi? Drive a taxi for bitcoin.

At first, nobody will buy your services for bitcoin. Nobody bought my services in bitcoin for years. That is okay. Eventually, someone will. And then, you will be participating in this new, vibrant economy.

Give it time. These things have increasing momentum. At some point, you will be the one who made the smart decision, five years ahead of everybody else.


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Nicolas van Saberhagen

We created Cryptonote algorithm that has been used in creation of Monero.

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