Top FAQ Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Cryptocurrency Investing

Question: Should I buy Bitcoin now?

Answer: Here are my thoughts – people should have been buying small amounts of Bitcoin on a regular basis (every month), since a long time ago.

Question: Should I sell Bitcoin now?

Answer: No. We believe Bitcoin has a long way to go. Not financial advice, just my personal opinion.

Question: Should I buy a random Altcoin now?

Answer: No. We believe 99.9% of altcoins are hype projects, scams, and projects destined to fail eventually. The reason is that they don’t do anything useful and are unable to capture meaningful value for early investors. But there are a handful of Altcoins we are excited about.

Question: I prefer to save my money. Maybe someday I will need it for a “rainy day.”

Answer: Instead of saving your money, why don’t you expand your money? Saving money is a never-ending process that results in lost opportunities. I know people in crypto who missed out on becoming Billionaires (with a B) because they were busy saving their money. Here is my personal view on this topic – money is a tool that is supposed to be used. You are already close to expanding your wealth bag because you are reading this blog, which means you’re interested in the highest-potential industry: crypto. Good for you! You are in the right place, at a right time.

Question: How can I find 1000x crypto projects?

Answer: Good question. Here are the things you can look for, if you want to hunt for 1000x returns. You should:

  • Look for high rewards.
  • Understand the difference between protocols and applications.
  • Look for super dominance.
  • Look for truly distributed projects.
  • Look for projects that “eat” valuable aspects of human nature.
  • Look for projects with growing “network effects”.
  • Look for projects that can generate and capture an enormous amount of value.

Question: I am holding 30 different coins / projects. Is this a good idea?

Answer: Here is my personal opinion, this is not investment advice: You are wasting your precious brain juice on low returns. It’s also extremely likely you are risking your money. We believe there will only be a handful of 1000x projects in the next 10+ years. A handful, maybe 2-3 projects. 1000x-potential projects are extremely rare. If you’re holding 30 different projects, it’s also very likely you will start trading. Trading is dangerous and unpredictable. Traders who are not professionals end up losing all their money to professionals.

Question: Is crypto finished?

Answer: No, it hasn’t even begun properly yet. There will likely be a handful of 1000x projects in the next 10+ years. Right now you’re just seeing hype projects and scams everywhere.

Question: Is Bitcoin finished?

Answer: No.

Question: Will Bitcoin die?

Answer: Probably, but not soon.

Question: What’s the next 1000x coin?

Answer: You will never achieve a 1000x return by asking that question. For several reasons:

  • If I tell you the next 1000x coin, you will buy it and when it does a 5x you will sell early.
  • If I tell you the next 1000x coin, in 2 years the coin project might get overtaken by a competing project that has better tech. I will not be there to tell you about the competing project so you will have no way to know. So in 2 years time, you may be holding the wrong coin, even though it seems like the right coin at this moment. To achieve a 1000x return, you must have data that you collect on a regular basis to know whether your project is still on track. I cannot stress this enough.
  • I will repeat my 1st point here. If you don’t have access to a community of like-minded individuals and data to give you confidence in your knowledge, you will sell too early, before the 1000x even happens. Achieving a 1000x return is incredibly difficult on a psychological level. If you think it’s not, you are falling victim to a lack of experience with investment psychology.

Question: I invested in project Z and it did a 10x! What should I do? Hodl or sell?

Answer: Look at the list of top 100 coins, they are all green because of hype. It’s extremely likely you gambled and the gamble paid off. You should ignore all hype! You should focus on projects that can “eat” fundamental aspects of human nature in the next 10+ years. You should focus on projects that can become public utilities on the internet, like the way email is used today. Things like email that can provide an enormous amount of value to the world. But email is not capturing any value, check if cryptocurrency protocol is or will capture value. These will be the projects that we believe will reliably achieve a 1000x return. Key word: reliably. If you know something is reliable because the data tells you, you can invest far more money and still sleep well at night. The same is not true for hype gambles, which will eventually fall to $0 anyway. So if your coin(s) checks all 1000x indicators, hodl. If not, sell because tide will go away and you will end up being naked.

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