How Do We Stop Being The Product?

How do we stop being the product, and start being the solution?

Take control of your money and actually pay for the services that you consume instead of using “free” services, for which you have to provide the information instead.

A good guide as to whether a service is really offering you a service or if you are the product, is whether you can use it anonymously. If you can’t use it anonymously, you are the product.

It is not easy to do that at this time. We all have entanglements with various platforms and services that we use.

Even if you try really really hard, your data will be harvested somewhere down the road by several players. But we can gradually start to change that.

The question is: What kind of Internet will we give to the next generation? Will it be like the Internet we started on, or will it be something completely different?

Centralized payments are a powerful force for centralization of the internet, creating platforms for content and services that are centralized around a payment processor/aggregator.

What happens when payments themselves become decentralized? The nexus of centralization dissolves and the content platforms can become decentralized too.

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Sunny King

I invented the proof of work. I created PeerCoin, PrimeCoin, and I am co-creator of Virtual Economy Era (VEE) coin.

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