Are Uber And Airbnb Paving The Way For Decentralized Markets?

Infrastructure evolution: disruptive technologies are forced to survive on infrastructure that is not designed for it. Are companies like Uber and Airbnb paving the way for a decentralized marketplace (with their software, despite still relying on traditional payment systems)?

I have read about infrastructure inversion and where disruptive technologies are forced to survive on infrastructure that it’s not designed for. First associations I get are Uber and Airbnb, but aren’t they really paving away for this infrastructure inversion of peer-to-peer? I get the payment part, but the software that brings people together, is it not just the beginning steps towards a more decentralized marketplace?

It would be grossly unfair for me to show my criticism because the alternative which is the traditional taxi system completely sucks, and chain hotels completely suck, and I use Uber and Lyft and all of the taxi services. I also use Airbnb as my permanent home effectively.

So yes, absolutely they’re paving the way.

Could it be better if they paved the way without locking their own people into subprime auto loans and exploiting them? Yes! Would it be better if they took a smaller cut, and spend less money on the things they spend? Yes!

But we can do better, and just because we can do better doesn’t mean they’re not good, it just means we can do better.

Recognizing why these centralization tendencies exist is what I’m really up to for.

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Satoshi Nakamoto

We developed bitcoin. This post is derivated from aantoop yt video with same headline under cc by license.

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